Mennonite Furniture Canada

75 Durham St W
Lindsay, ON K9V2P8

Tel. (705) 341-8066

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is Hand-crafted solid wood furniture manufacturing & finishing, using only solid wood & the finest top quality finishing products to enhance and protect your furniture investment. Our product lines have grown from chairs, and cabinets to include a wide range of bedroom, dining room and livingroom suites, kitchen cabinets, islands and stools, hardwood flooring and much more.
Our products are individually handcrafted with solid wood, ensuring each piece is a work of art that will last for many years, unlike composite board products that roll off an assembly line and have little value after many years of use. We also are able to outfit restaurants, group homes, hotels and other establishments with top quality furniture. We offer products unfinished, stained or painted and distressed in a wide range of colours. Browse our website and see for yourself.

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